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Dr. Chang is the only doctor in the area that implants a relatively new Interlaminar Stabilization Device called Coflex. Coflex is a non-fusion treatment for spinal stenosis that is implanted during a minimally invasive surgery. In many cases, patients are up and walking the same day of surgery with real relief from pain.  


The Coflex device is a small titanium implant that can help relieve the pain caused by spinal stenosis. Its FDA approved and has 5 years of clinical evidence to support that its a proven alternative to spinal fusion. When comparing coflex to spinal fusion surgery, patients who received Coflex experienced shorter surgery time, less blood loss, shorter hospital stay, and significant and lasting pain relief.


If any of these symptoms describe you, you may have spinal stenosis. Unfortunately, spinal stenosis is not a condition that gets better un time. In fact, it can get worse. 


  • Numbness, weakness,or pain in the lower legs

  • Difficulty walking long distances

  • Lower back pain that is relieved by bending or sitting down

  • Pain or numbness in the buttocks


When any of these conditions occur, the spinal nerve, which runs down along the spinal canal and gets compressed. The pressure on the nerve causes the pain you feel in your buttocks, legs, and lower back. 


Discuss with Dr. Chang if this treatment method is the best to meet your current pain level and lifestyle. 


Watch this video to see an animation of the Coflex Interlaminar Stabilization Procedure

To learn more about this condition, download the printable PDF

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