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Dr. Chang is the only doctor in the area that performs vertebral augmentation with the Kiva VCF treatment System.  Kiva features a flexible implant made from a playmaker material widely used in spinal implants. The Kiva implant is designed to function as an internal cast providing a mechanical support structure to spinal fractures. Kiva has been shown to reduce pain and restore function for patients with VCFs.


In comparison to a balloon kyphoplasty, Kiva was shown to:

  • Reduce the rate of adjacent level fractures

  • Improve kyphotic angle restoration

  • Reduce rate of cement extravasation

  • Reduce cement volume

kiva procedure.png

1. A coil is advanced to create a path through the vertebral body bone and provide a pathway for the Kiva Implant.


2. As the loops of the Kiva Implant are delivered into the bone, they form a column structure.


3. The coil is removed and the Implant is left in place providing a path for the delivery of bone cement.


4. Once cured, the cement interlocks the Implant to the bone.

Watch this video to see an animation of the Kiva VCF treatment System.

To learn more about this condition, download the printable PDF.

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